How does it work?

  • We list hotels/venues/any type of meeting/conference space for free
  • Partners (venue) get access to an extranet to control images, room specifications, policies, rates per room, availability, view bookings, client details, client payment info
  • Potential guests search potential venues online, make a choice based on area, reviews, rates and availability and book
  • We handle the booking, and pass on details to venue
  • The client arrives, the venue host, the client pays and departs.
  • We send a commission invoice for all successful paid, stayed bookings of 10% of total booking value.

Why should I list my venue?

  • No cost to join, free marketing and exposure via our client database and website.
  • No need to deal with PCO’s, slow paying government agencies, and endless back and forth quoting
  • You control your online presence (images, rates, availability, policies)
  • Any type of venue will do, open space, office space, meeting room, boardroom, ball room, you name it
  • Any type of establishment will do, hotel, resort, B&B, lodge, motel, apartment, guesthouse, you name it
  • Conference / meeting spaces have 50% lower average occupancy of bedrooms, take advantage through us
  • How do I get paid? : when a booking is made the guest sends CC details to venue for full prepayment
  • What if they cancel? : you may load your own cancellation policy and apply it like any other service you offer

How do we get people to book?

  • We use expert driven SEO, SEM strategies via online marketing
  • We have a growing user database that are targeted through clever reselling contacts
  • We do not use affiliates or third parties
  • We are bound, by law, to be PCI compliant and keep guest and user history safe and secret

How would clients be able to see our availability?

  • We load your venue with live availability, dates that you are fully booked gets blocked out

Is your Extranet compatible with Nightsbridge or would we have to load availability on a separate system?

  • Not integrated with a channel manager

Do we have the option of not being live?

  • Yes we don’t have to load tarrifs and you will be set up on a request basis

What happens if a PCO makes the booking and he/she is on a commission agreement with us, who gets the commission?

  • We will negotiate if this should come about but strictly strictly speaking CB’s marketing efforts ‘sourced’ the client and therefor CB is the booking orgininator and claims comm

"Best Price Guarantee" means the guarantee issued by CB stating that CB offers the best rate for a venue and that no lower rate can be found online for the equivalent venue with the same check-in and check-out dates and the same booking conditions. How will this work, what if the client comes direct and we not aware they enquired on the CB site prior?

  • this is not for your own site but if we (CB) have competitors launched in the future working the same way. AT present there are none so we would be not concerned

The Supplier is bound to accept a Guest as its contractual party, and to handle the online booking in compliance with the Supplier Information (including rate) contained on the Platform at the time the booking was made and the booking confirmation, including any supplementary information and/or wishes made known by the Guest. What if we do not have availability?

  • this relates to charges in that there cannot be hidden charges, ie the guest see R2000 they must get charged the same. You will have ability to open/close availability

The Supplier is not allowed to cancel any online booking. Again, what if we do not have availability?

  • this is if something was booked based on the availability, ie we cannot show a guest away but must assist even if we ‘walk’ them

The Supplier hereby grants CB a non-exclusive, royalty free and worldwide right and license (or sublicense as applicable): What is this?

  • to market and advertise the venue

If I understand correctly, commission is payable on the entire conference account however our current pricing only takes into consideration 10% commission on Acc and DCP.

  • We do consider these situations and can amend the agreement to exclude

Am I correct that availability of conference venues will be managed by the hotel on the extranet?

  • That is correct, hotel will be able to manage their own rates, availability as well as content

When a client enquires/books a venue via CB online is the booking communicated to the hotel via e-mail or how does that process work?

  • Yes the hotel will get and email from CB, same procedure as

In terms of your commission would we be able to deduct the cost of having to rent certain equipment to accommodate the conference?

  • It appears from the commission clause in your agreement that 10% comms will be payable on the aggregate cost of the conference which may include the cost of renting equipment and hence my question.We can do an exclusive contract for you that will exclude commission on Food and Beverage charges and AV

With regards to the commission, would the commission be charged on final invoice or would it be on pre-arrival invoice?. The reason I ask is some companies will add things while they are here to there invoice.

  • Commission is added to total booking value, thus in addition as the hotel should supply us the fully inclusive rate. What the guest see, the guest will pay. Similar to

Once we receive the credit card for pre-auth, do we then take payment on arrival or on the last day of conference?

  • Also Can I request that Cash payments be taken of the method of payment as we would prefer payments to come via EFT or credit card payment. once a booking is generated they will have access to guest contact and arrange any suitable payment method as we don’t handle the transaction but simply pass on details as confirmation

Once a venue has be confirmed on our side by direct clients are we able to send you an email to block off that date for the venue taken or do we do that on our side?

  • We will gladly assist with blocks

We don’t accept commission on AV Fees as well as beverages and transport. Can that be taken off the contract?

  • Yes we can do an exclusive contract for you that will exclude commission on Food and Beverage charges and AV

Our company policy is that we do not allow commission on transport, AV fees and beverages alone. The food we are fine with paying commission on because our DCP is majority food.

  • Yes we can do an exclusive contract for you that will exclude commission on Food and Beverage charges and AV

Are we allowed to sign one agreement when we want to list more than one property?

  • Yes we contract per business entity but could amend to include multiple outlets

Do we first sign contract or are we live when property is set up?

  • We will set live once contracting is finalised

What are you unique benefits?

  • We are the first platform to offer live availability for conference bookings

Do you arrange the conference?

  • No we help the client chose a venue and act as an automated booking agent

How do we register on the site?

Are you the type of company that Can you show us a few venues?

  • You can browse all our listed units at the comfort of your chair

What is your area of expertise?

  • Listing & marketing venues with real time availability and rates

What does it entail?

  • You list your venue for free with us, build your profile with rates images and availability and we set you live and ready to collect bookings

Are you a PCO?

  • No we are a booking agent

Can you provide me with references?

  • You simply contact any of our listed venues

What about policies and disclaimers, can we apply our own?

  • Yes we adopt your T&C’s

What do we do with property configuration?

  • You can leave this for us to do at the back end – (office purposes only)

How do I close out dates on the site?

  • You go to Bookings – block bookings – new – select your date range

How do I delete and or add pictures?

  • Settings – media center – upload image – make sure to choose the correct resource

How do I load my normal DCP per hour?

  • We need the splits for food/beverage and sundries to derive at a room only rate. From here we build the DCP back into bookable sections such as water/tea/coffee breaks/ lunch etc

How do I make sure clients are not able to book for just two or 3 hours?

  • Set you minimum hour to example 4 or 5 hours (half day) to prevent this

Can you list any venue?

  • Ie wedding venue, small meeting space, and restaurant? Yes any open space

Can we include things like Parking, PA system, Technician, Sound assistant etc. on the extras tab?

  • Yes we can

Should the contact details i.e. Telephone nr and email address not be ours?

  • No, we are are sourcing the clients via our platform and therefor become the agent. Once a client booked they will be in dorect contact with the venue.

Is the site set up to display different currencies?

  • Yes we list in the venue’s currency but at the moment only display in that same currency. As we roll out to other countries we will adopt additional currencies