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Hosting appealing and out-of-the-box events can attract new visitors to your venue and leave a lasting impression that keeps them coming back. The right brewery event ideas can also be used to drive venue sales, boost brand awareness, increase private bookings, and keep your customers wanting more. From reoccurring marketing opportunities to one-of-a-kind affairs, we cover brewery event ideas for venues of every shape, size, and style.

Discover 10 brewery event ideas that drive profits and patronage

1. Organize a local beer festival

Promote live cooking demonstrations, beer-themed carnival games, an exceptional entertainment lineup, and other onsite activities in festival marketing materials.  Partner with community members and local businesses to maximize the impact and value of the festival.

2. Pack the tasting room

Host a variety of tasting events throughout the year to consistently attract new customers, as well as build a profitable base of repeat patrons. Keep your tasting room’s calendar of events full by hosting themed tastings, seasonal special events, and a variety of other tasting types

3. Drive special event bookings with a weekend wedding show

Couples nearby may not be aware that your brewery hosts special events or weddings.  Invite diverse wedding professionals and vendors from the area, such as wedding planners, designers, decorators, florists, entertainers, and more.

4. Host trivia nights to drive weekday business

Host trivia nights to build a repeat customer base and fill more tables at your event. Choose a host who is engaging, funny, and confident in a crowd. Regularly switch up the trivia theme to capture new audiences. Host holiday-themed trivia nights, feature fan-favorite shows, explore different genres, and put participants’ general knowledge to the test. 

5. Host fantasy sports-centric events

If you’re experiencing low turnout in the summer months or looking for sports-related brewery event ideas, become the host venue for a fantasy sports league and provide a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere for local fantasy sports fanatics to meet throughout the year.

6. Throw epic after-parties for area events

Are major festivals or area-wide events commonplace in your area? If so, capitalize on the existing buzz surrounding area events by hosting after-parties. Market your brewery as the place to go for event attendees who want to keep the party going. Advertise event-related themes, live entertainment, and after-party brewery specials to attract the attention of concertgoers, sports fans, and other out-of-towners.

7. Partner with fellow breweries for Tap Takeovers

Partner with a local brewing company or microbrewery that has a new beer to introduce or a seasonal return to celebrate. Offer to host their tasting at your venue during a Tap Takeover event. 

8. Partner with local restaurants for a food truck festival

Partner with local food trucks to host a regional festival or food truck rodeo. Customers will have the opportunity to order freshly-made food alongside their favorite craft beer as they enjoy an afternoon at your brewery.

9. Organize a Dog Days of Summer fundraiser

Organize a Dog Days of Summer event during the hottest time of the year. Invite community members to bring their pups and beat the heat at your brewery. Set up outdoor water activities, like pet-friendly hoses and fountain toys, as well as outdoor games, vendor stations, and snacks.

10. Host a Beer Pairing Dinner

Highlight the quality and versatility of your beer by hosting a Beer Pairing Dinner. Attendees enjoy course after course of fresh, high-quality dishes paired with complementing beers. Explore various food and beer styles, encouraging attendees to try something new and make a deeper connection with your product through a unique experience.

Pack your calendar with these brewery event ideas and get the word out!


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