6 Strategies - How to Attract Domestic Tourists

Domestic tourism has presented, and will continue to present, significant business opportunities for hotels and destinations alike. 

What is domestic tourism?

At its highest level, domestic tourism involves residents of a country travelling within that same country. Road trips, weekend getaways, and staycations are all great examples. One of the biggest advantages of domestic tourism is that it includes local travel, which means easier and cheaper commuting. It's also a great way to fit a break into one’s daily life without having to rearrange work and family schedules. 

Knowing about domestic tourism is one thing. Knowing how to attract domestic tourists to your property is something entirely different.

1. Use local SEO.

invest heavily in search engine optimisation for local audiences and geography-based keywords. 

2. Promote local attractions.

the problem isn’t how to attract more domestic tourists. It's how to get them to choose your property over the competition. Align your brand with both established and underrepresented local attractions. 

3. Work with local influencers.

It’s an understatement to say that Instagram and social media advertising have changed over the past few years. Instead of leaning on influencers with followers in the millions, hotel brands are finding success with locally-based micro-influencers. Thanks to a surge in online searches for local travel blogs, these thought leaders are more valuable than ever, and working with them can cause overall engagement to soar. 

4. Make it homey.

this audience is a “large number of individuals who are ready for more than just a place to stay, they are looking for more of a staycation out-of-town experience. promote anything that fits under the two key selling points Rosado recommends: transient chic and vacationer lifestyle.

5. Stay flexible.

“flexibility remains the most important thing hoteliers need to be mindful of.” Although brands in other travel verticals such as airlines are taking away their flexible policies, keeping or expanding yours will be a big draw.  “Properties might want to reconsider their pet policies because while those who travel internationally tend to set a budget or time for pet-sitters, domestic travellers are likely going to want to grab their pet along — especially when travelling by car.” 

6. Try print marketing.

Not sure what to include? “a QR code would maybe provide free breakfast for two, or some other type of travel certificate they can use for some extra perks.” Not only is this a great method for tracking the ROI of a campaign, but it’s also a unique way to reach audiences that other local hotels may not be.

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